Kase K150P Magnetic CPL Filter Holder Kit

Category : Retangular Series


A professional filter holder for ultra wide angle lens, complete with a K150P filter holder, a Magnetic adapter for wide angle lens, a CPL filter (Ø150mm) and a canvas bag for the 150mm system. Kase K150P Filter Holder is a professional and rotatable filter holder for rectangular 150 mm filters, with a thickness of 2 mm. The filter holder has a double filter lock for 150 mm filters, as well as space for, for example, a round Ø150 mm polarizing filter (CPL) in the holder. The polarizing filter is mounted with a magnetic holder on the front of the filter holder, making it possible to quickly attach or remove the polarizing filter. For example, the filter is mounted in the filter holder and you do not suffer from stray light. The filter holder closes completely backwards between the lens and the filter holder, which is a prerequisite for the use of, for example, extreme ND filters. The polarizing filter rotates smoothly via a rotating wheel on the side of the filter holder. Because the polarizing filter can be rotated independently of the filter holder, you can keep the filter holder horizontal. Polarizing filter is a very useful filter, it removes, weakens or strengthens reflexes, weakens UV radiation and gives better colors.

Main Points

  • Magnetic adapter for quick installing magnetic filter
  • The square filter filter is extremely slim & lightweight.
  • The Magnetic adapter can be use independently or together with the square universal holder. 
  • The total system is compact, lightweight and slim


 Kase K150P CPL Filter Holder Kit  for Sigma 14-24mm f2.8 (Sony mount)

Kase K150P CPL Filter Holder Kit for Nikon 14-24mm F2.8 Lens

Kase K150P CPL Filter Holder Kit  for Sigma 14mm lens

Kase K150P CPL Filter Holder Kit for Sony 12-24 f4 lens

Kase K150P CPL Filter Holder Kit for Fuji 8-16mm lens

Kase K150P CPL Filter Holder Kit for Tamron 15-30mm lens

Kase K150P CPL Filter Holder Kit  for Pantax 15-40mm lens

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