Kase K150P Filter Holder for Fuji 8-16mm Lens

Category : Retangular Series
A professional filter holder for Fuji 8-16mm Lens, complete with a K150P filter holder, a Magnetic adapter for Fuji 8-16mm Lens. 

Kase K150P Filter Holder is a professional and rotatable filter holder for rectangular 150 mm filters, with a thickness of 2 mm. And also have a space for  a round Ø150 mm magnetic Filter( filter option: polarizing filter (CPL), ND64, ND1000.  

The polarizing filter is mounted with a magnetic holder on the front of the filter holder, making it possible to quickly attach or remove the polarizing filter. The polarizing filter rotates smoothly via a rotating wheel on the side of the filter holder.
The is a special design on the mangnetic adapter, which you can see there is a notch, for fast CPL remove. 
Because the polarizing filter can be rotated independently of the filter holder, you can keep the filter holder horizontal. Polarizing filter is a very useful filter, it removes, weakens or strengthens reflexes, weakens UV radiation and gives better colors.

Main Points

  • Magnetic adapter for quick installing magnetic filter
  • The square filter filter is extremely slim & lightweight.
  • The Magnetic adapter can be use independently or together with the square universal holder. 
  • The total system is compact, lightweight and slim

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