Kase K150 Wolverine ND Filters

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K150 Wolverine ND


Kase Wolverine series filters are has excellent optical quality tested by many independent reviews and global photographers. The KW glass is shock resistant, which add extra durability at an occasional accidental drop during shooting. With minimal color cast, you will be able to capture true color of the nature, and great sharpness due to the high quality optical glass. The filters have nano coating on, which makes our Wolverine series filters scratch resistant, great water-proof, anti-reflective, and easy to clean.


Kase K150 ND Filter

The Kase Wolverine Neutral Density filters is perfect to reduce certain amount of light captured to the camera. This is great for long exposure photography.  With the ND filter, you can slow the shutter speed to get smooth water or light trails for example. Long exposure photography can also reduce busy streets to empty ones or be used to capture movement in creative ways. ND filters are available in different strengths for different effects.


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Main Points

  • Shock Resistant
  • minimal color cast
  • water & dirt repullent
  • scratch resistant
  • lightweight & simple to use

Filter Options

150*150*2mm ND8( 3 stop)   

150*150*2mm ND16( 4 stop)           

150*150*2mm ND64 (6 stop)          

150*150*2mm ND1000 (10 stop)     

150*150*2mm ND64000( 16 stop)   

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