Kase K150 Wolverine GND Filters

150 M-GND 0.9


Kase Wolverine series filters are has excellent optical quality tested by many independent reviews and global photographers. The KW glass is shock resistant, which add extra durability at an occasional accidental drop during shooting. With minimal color cast, you will be able to capture true color of the nature, and great sharpness due to the high quality optical glass. The filters have nano coating on, which makes our Wolverine series filters scratch resistant, great water-proof, anti-reflective, and easy to clean.


Kase GND Filter

The Kase Wolverine Soft GND filters The Kase Wolverine Medium GND filters are perfector landscape photography. The medium transition between the clear to ND element of the filter is designed to allow you to still have control over elements in an uneven horizon without compromise. The Kase Wolverine Hard GND Filters are great for seascape and other hard defined horizon lines. The hard transition between the clear to ND element of the filter is designed to allow you to have control over the horizon line with seamless transitions from foreground to sky. The Kase Wolverine Reverse GND filters are your perfect companion sunrise and sunset photography. The design of these filters is done so that not only do you have a transition from clear to ND, but the ND range goes from stronger in the centre to weaker on the top portion of the filter. Perfect for dealing with the most light being on or near the horizon line, without over affecting the top of your frame.


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Main Points

  • Shock Resistant
  • minimal color cast
  • water & dirt repullent
  • scratch resistant
  • lightweight & simple to use

Filter Options

Soft GND Filters

150*170*2mm Soft GND 0.9( 3 stop)             150*170*2mm Soft GND 1.2 (4 stop)

150*170*2mm Soft GND 1.5 (5 stop) 


 Reverst GND Filters    

150*170*2mm Reverse GND  0.9 (3 stop)                 150*170*2mm Reverse GND  1.2 (4 stop) 


Hard  GND Filters

150*170*2mm Hard  GND 0.6( 2 stop)   

150*170*2mm Hard  GND 0.9(3 stop)


Medium GND Filters

150*170*2mm Medium GND 0.9 (3 stop) 


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