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Kase Wolverine K100 Slim Entry-Level Filter Holder Kit contains a Kase K9 100mm Filter Holder, a Kase 100 x 100 x 1.1 mm Wolverine Slim ND64 Filter, a Kase 100 x 150 x 1.1mm Slim Wolverine Soft-Edge Graduated ND 0.9 Filter, as well as a Kase 90mm Magnetic Circular Polarizer Filter that is designed to avoid vignetting when used with a wide-angle lens. The neutral density filters can be used individually or in combination to improve the results of your photography by preventing overexposure, along with the circular polarizer, which serves to prevent distracting reflections or glare.


Kase Wolverine series filters are has excellent optical quality tested by many independent reviews and global photographers. The KW glass is shock resistant, which add extra durability at an occasional accidental drop during shooting. With minimal color cast, you will be able to capture true color of the nature, and great sharpness due to the high quality optical glass. The filters have nano coating on, which makes our Wolverine series filters scratch resistant, great water-proof, anti-reflective, and easy to clean.


The Kase K9 holder system, compared with the last generation K8, K9 has a perfect solution solution to the problem of using circular polarisers with slot-in systems. Rather than being mounted as the last filter, making it large and allowing the possibility of light being reflected back into the lens. The Kase solution is to mount the polariser at the back of the system, allowing you to have up to three Neutral Density or Grad filters in front of the polariser. The polariser is mounted to a geared lens adaptor ring, that is then turned simply by using a gear on the holder when attached to your camera. To mount the polariser, it’s simply a case of placing it into the geared ring magnetically, removing the hassle of trying to screw a polariser into place.


Improved Innovation Design

The Kase K9 holder has some small but perfect updates from our last generation K8.  it is now compatible with modern lenses up to 14mm on a full frame system without vignetting. We have also improved the ergonomics of the holder, adding small touches that improve on the overall ease of use whilst keeping it a simple innovative design. Finally we have managed to make it just a little bit lighter too, as we know you all want to keep weight down.


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Main Points

  • Shock Resistant
  • Slim filters, more than 48% light than normal filters 
  • minimal color cast
  • water & dirt repullent
  • scratch resistant
  • lightweight & simple to use

Kit includes:

  • K9 holder for 100mm filter
  • 90mm magnetic CPL
  • Magnetic adapter 77-90mm, 82-90mm
  • Step up ring 67mm, 72mm
  • 100*100*1.1mm ND64, 100*150*1.1mm GND0.9
  • Filter bag


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