Skyeye Magnetic Circular Professional Kit

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(Summary description)

Skyeye Magnetic Circular Professional Kit

(Summary description)

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Skyeye Magnetic Circular Professional Kit

Kase is a well-known global filter brand, in the market since 2011, bringing high-quality filter shooting experience to many global professional landscape photographers and photography enthusiasts. Kase offers:

- regular filters - square and screw-in

- drone filters

- mobile filters, mobile lenses and mobile accessories


In 2019 Kase launched Kase Wolverine magnetic circular filter, with the use of KW optical shock resistant glass. In addition to the shock resistance, the magnetic installing way makes the filter installation is simple. You can always catch the best time to shoot with the quick-installing magnetic filters.


At the begining of August I got Skyeye Magnetic Circular Professional Kit (82mm) which includes:

1 x Magnetic KW CPL Filter 82mm

1 x Magnetic KW ND1000 Filter 82mm

1 x Magnetic KW GND 0.9 Filter 82mm

1 x Magnetic Lens Adapter Ring  82mm

1 x Lens Cap

1 x Filter Bag



Instalation of filters is very easy - you just screw Magnetic Lens Adapter Ring on the lens and drop desired filter(s) on it. In fact, it's fast end easy! You can put all filters on lens adaper without any risk.




Advantages of Kase Filters:

- Unique colour control

- Fast to mount - and unmount

- Made from KW glass and alloy

- Shockproof optical glass

- Oil and water repellent nano coating

- Incl. magnetic lens cap

- Easy to clean


Also big advantage of this set is size - regular square filter set is almost twice bigger. The same thing is with the price of those sets, so...



Let's start with Magnetic KW GND 0.9 Filter - on pictures below you can see difference between photos taken without filter and with it. Even on those scenes where horizon is not directly in the middle of the frame filter helps really well to recover highlights.





This filter is soft GND and it's best to use in scenes where the transition between light and dark areas is not so clear. It will darken the sky, but it won't affect so much to those

mountains on the right.



Sometimes GND 0.9 won't help you in very contrast scenes (you'll need 0.9 with another GND filter to recover the sky) but it will help you to get balanced scene like this one. On first photo you can see dark rocks and little bit brighter sky, but on the last photo, taken with Magnetic KW GND 0.9 Filter, everything is well balanced - and that means no need for post production in Photoshop.



Next filter is Skyeye Magnetic Circular ND1000 which helps you to reduce exposure for 10 stops. It's ideal for long exposure photos like that one bellow.



Sometimes you want "cleaner" photo - sea without waves, you want to erase all those moving ships (or people on crowded place) and you have simple solutoin 10 stops ND filter.

You can noticed on all those photos that Kase ND filters are neutral - and that is the main problem with some other filters brands. There's no colour cast on photos taken with Skyeye Magnetic Circular ND1000!



Skyeye Magnetic Circular ND1000 in action...



Polarizer - Skyeye Magnetic Circular CPL even during the sunset gives you extra option. You can see more details in the water and window reflection will disspear.



Once again size of the set helped me a lot - I put whole set in my pocket and went into the river without any problems.



But be carefull when you shooting towards sun - you can get flares. That's usual, if you have too many filters in front of your lens, you're shooting in sun direction, you'll have more flares. But if you look closer you'll notice that river is brighter and sky is little bit darker - that's because od the CPL. So it's up to you...



Filters are thick, but when you're using them on 16mm full frame you can get something like this. It's not that big problem, you can clean that in post processing, but...



Overall - set is really great:

- it's much cheaper then regular square sets

- instalation is super easy and very quick

- no color cast and no quality loss

- size of the set is big advantage - compact and light

and one thing really suprised me - magnetic lens cap! It fits really god, it's "strong", you can't loose it (like plastic one) and after I put it for the first time I didn't removed it from my lens.



Sample shots taken with Skyeye Magnetic Circular Professional Kit:

ND filter in action:



GND in action:






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