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Oat Vaiyaboon

Kase Official Australia Ambassador

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Oat Vaiyaboon

Lives in Port Fairy, Victoria City,  Oceania, Australia

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Hi, I'm Wacharachat, people call me Oat


I am based in the Southwest Victorian town of Port Fairy. I started photography in 1995 when I took up an art class in high school. From there, architecture and design related degrees had help me a lot with reading the light, symmetry and line as well as composition. My style gravitated toward landscape, seascape, snowscape as well as off camera flash, now branching out into drones. Photography allows me to be outdoor and enjoy it, even in harshest of condition.


When I was living in Sydney, Australia, I saw some stunning photos of all the tidal pool. That was when I went out and bought my first DSLR, the 350D, (then it was 30D, 40D, 50D, 70D, 7D, 5DI, 5DII, 1DsII). I am currently using Canon 5D MKIII and 7D MKII along with 16-35mm f/2.8L II, 24-105mm f/4L IS, 24mm f/1.4L, 50mm f/1.2L II, 85mm f/1.8, 600EX-RT and ST-E3. The reason I chosen Canon is purely because I didn't like how gimmicky the menu of the other major leading brand look. And Canon also fits better in my hand. I did try a few mirrorless but it just does not feel like I was using a camera to me.


Photography to me is a form of art can be so personalise that no one gets but at the same time it can also evoke a feeling within the viewer. To be able to move or inspire someone is the greatest sense of achievement a photographer one can have, and this in turn inspire me to go out and push the boundaries.


Best advise would be to “keep doing what I've been doing, have you own unique style and the client will come to you.” Also to keep on learning, when you stop listening to advise, that's one you will stop growing and become stagnated. Waits for the right condition and light helps to get "that" shot. You can't polish a turd.


My main goal is to be brand ambassadors for big photography related brand, so thank you. To be able to travel and share my knowledge and skills through workshops, as well as being able to capture unique locations across the country and overseas.



01. Light Painting Portrait, Sydney
One of my favourite photo is the photo of my wife in an old abandoned shed in Sydney. It was a shoot organised by a mate Brent Pearson who had show me the light painting aspect for the first time. This shoot combines all that I love, my wife, off camera flash and natural light, landscape as well as post processing to bring it all together in one shot.
Canon 5D MKII, 17-40mm f/4L
1/100, f/4, ISO200

01. Light Painting Portrait.jpg



02. 12 Apostles Double Waterfall, Great Ocean Road
Another one of all time favourite shot was at the 12 Apostles look out. It demonstrate that you can’t predict anything in photography. It had been raining a lot during the last few days. I was sure that the water will be flowing off the cliff face. When we got there, it was full sunshine and warm. I know the condition could change quickly around these part, I took my rain jacket and pants anyway. With in the space of 10 min, it had gone from blue sky with warm sun to light rain…then heavy rain. I was soaking wet, even my rain jacket didn’t hold the water back. Good thing was that all the tourist are now gone. I shot for about 20mins. Hoping that the waterfall might get bigger but it didn’t. Just as i was packing up, the second waterfall had just started to fly. I dug out the camera and took the shot handheld quickly.
Canon 5D MKIII, 16-35mm f/2.8L II
1/50, f/5.6, ISO400

02. 12 Apostles Double Waterfall.jpg



03. The Bend, Mount Buller - Winner of landscape category for Mt Buller 2015
Canon 5D MKIII, 16-35mm f/2.8L II
25sec, f/11, ISO50

03. The Bend, Mount Buller.jpg



04. London Arch Milkyway 360, Port Campbell

This shot was something I’ve always wanted to try. The low arch milky way with London Arch. I used Novoflex panorama q=48 rotator Benro L Bracket, 360º panoramic head.
5D MKIII, 24mm ƒ/1.4 II

ISO3200 30" ƒ/1.4

34 images (3 rolls of 10 images + 2 nadirs + 2 zeniths)

Size = 36444 x 18222 = 664082568 pixels

Megapixels = 664 Megapixels

Aspect ratio = 2.00

04. London Arch Milkyway 360.jpg



05. Marriners Falls, Apollo Bay
One of the truely hidden gem of GOR. No people was around, great scenic drive to the carpark. Amazing walk to the waterfalls with river crossing and log climb. Overall a good adventure.
Canon 5D MKIII, 16-35mm f/2.8L II
30sec, f/16, ISO50 + Graduated Filters

05. Marriners Falls.jpg



06. Floating Jungle, Sydney
Rusted steel hull of a boat on Paramatta River with trees growing out of it. Nature reclaims
Canon 5D MKIII, 16-35mm f/2.8 II
30sec, f/11, ISO100 + Graduated filters.

06. Floating Jungle.jpg



07. Gibson Moonrise, Port Campbell
Just one of those night when you think the sky is going to be clear and there would be no light in the sky. We drove down to Gibson Steps just in time to catch the moonset behind the from formation. The milky was quite low and the f/1.4 really help letting more light in. Hence I can reduce the shutter speed.
Canon 5D MKIII
Canon 24mm f/1.4L II
15sec, f/1.4, ISO3200

07. Gibson Moonrise_01.jpg


08. Gibson Waterfalls, Port Campbell
There are a few locations around 12 Apostles that will have water coming off the cliff face straight into the ocean. Gibson steps is one of those location. My good friend Peter Chamberlain offer to stand near the fall, needless to say he was soaked.
Canon 5D MKIII
Canon 16-35mm f/2.8L II
4sec, f/4, ISO200

08. Gibson Waterfalls_01.jpg




2017 CANON AUSTRALIA featured artist: “No One Sees It like…”
2016 Published in DJI 10 Years in the Skies with “Above the World” hard cover book

2016 Bureau of Meteorology image of the month 
2016 Australian Photography - 2016 Photographer of the year - Highly Commended - Landscape
2016 Warrnambool Standard: Front page - July
2016 Warrnambool Standard: spread - July
2016 ABC Open segment on Drone
2016 ABC News segment on Drone
2015 Published in CANON AUSTRALIA hard cover book.

2014 MT BULLER PEAK PICS COMPETITION: Winner in "Landscape" category

- Overall winner for 2014
2013 The Moyne Gazette: Front page - June

2012 6th ANNUAL BETTER PHOTOGRAPHER MAGAZINE - Photographer of the Year (POTY):

- Revealing Nature = Silver Award

- Classic Landscapes = 2x Silver Award

- Emotive Portrait = Bronze Award

-  Exotic Travel = Bronze Award

2012 MACQUARIE PHOTOGRAPHY PRIZE: Finalist in "Architecture" category

2011 MT BULLER PEAK PICS COMPETITION: Winner in "Light" category



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