Kase Photography Contest 2022 Announcement

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Kase Photography Contest 2022 Announcement

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Finally Comes The Annoucement of Kase Photography Contest 2022!

Appreciation again to all who take part in the contest and Congratulations to the winners!


The Golden Prize:

Craftsman- taken in Jakarta, Indonesia with Nikon's flagship Z9 + 24-70/2.8S, by Chew Seng Cheong


The Golden Crown: Another new visit to the stunning place that has became one of my favorites, Playa de Campelo.

An idea has been wandering through my mind since some time ago. I wanted to include the sun right between those rocks and thus generate a sunstar,

a golden crown.As soon as I arrived to the place I saw a small pool that the tides had left there for me.

It was sunrrounded by rounded stones covered with green algae and looking like alien eggs...It would be a perfect foreground!

-by Álvaro Lamas


The Silver Prize:

STAG-Taken in the Peak District. I had spotted a group of red deer in the distance as I drove past.

I turned around and parked up to watch this group for awhile.Eventually this stag wondered perfectly into frame from behind the tree line, just at that point he turned and looked straight at me.

Taken with a Nikon D500 with the 500mm f4 lens- by Craig Maisfield


Limides-I think one of the greatest desolations / worries I've ever received. After an hour's walk, in the company of my girlfriend and my dog,

I hoped to be able to show him the Limides lake in all its splendour; but once we get to the top we discover that the lake was completely dry!!

Having budgeted to photograph the lake at sunset, but not having what I expected, I started looking for an alternative composition to what I expected. And this is the result

- by Emanuel Scarponi


The Enchanted Forest-A small hidden corner in the north of the province of Lugo in Galicia that we were lucky to be able to visit at the best time,

spring when everything has a beautiful green and the best luck we could have when we arrived: fog.

All this together with a good company of photographer friends, the memory that remains is very gratifying - by Soraya Sampedro Bores


Photo By Tamim E Mohamad Genius


Our Lily in Lavender - A special holiday moment in New Zealand visiting the Waihi Lavender farm for the first time with my toddler (nearly 3 years old) - by Laura Faulkner


The Bronze Prize:

The Forest of Anaga by Emanuel Bossio


Oxararfoss - During a stormy and rainy day, unsure if photography would be an option, I headed out to a nearby waterfall.

By chance, the rain had stopped upon my arrival and a beautiful landscape was ahead of me, waiting to be photographed.

The mood and milieu perfectly coincided with my mood. Much like my music, every once in a while I need something dark and moody. You don't plan for it.

There are some locations that inspire you. Oxararfoss in Iceland is one of those locations - by Basim Saud


Dreamflum - One of the most stunning waterfalls I've ever seen is called "Rupse waterfall" in Nepal.

There are numerous little waterfalls being created in it by water that is coming from a very high area. The human subject and the colour blue give the picture a dramatic appearance

- by Pranav Sp


CP Holiday Train-photo represent the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train passing Canadian Rockies. I was super excited when heard that train will run again announcing Holiday season 2022.

The planning and executing a few shots was a great fun and excitement. I managed to get shot at the famous Morant's Curve, very popular spot,

and my favourite shot at the Continental Divide where I captured the train running along the Wapta Lake with beautiful snow covered forest and cloudy background.

The CP Holiday Train has been an tradition since 1999 and has become a popular holiday event for many communities along its route.

Holiday Train is an annual tradition that involves the decoration of a train with holiday lights and the organization of concerts at various stops along its route - by Wojtek Mularczyk


Sunrise Ice Stig Floberghagen- Shot on christmas day at sunrise. Sea fog on the local lake Mjøsa - by Stig Floberghagen


Riomaggiore - photo taken on a rainy day, during a short break between rains - by Jan Jaskula


Photographing London’s Christmas lights is an amazing time to capture the lights and create light trails.

Harrods always puts on a magical display. Cartier on New Bond St looks magical during Christmas. It’s hard to walk past and not capture a couple shots. Regents streets angel lights display invites being creative with light trails. Using ND filters helps create longer exposures and trying different shutter speeds - by James Maloney 


Wrigley Holiday - I caught this scene on a foggy morning.  

The combination of the beautiful repeating but not symmetrical Wrigley Buidling and the holiday Tree with a foggy morning created this beautiful blue and gold scene

- by Gerri Whitley


Magic winterlight - Taken in December during a cold period in the Netherlands. The frost on the trees and the magic sunbeams gives the photo a magic feeling.

Photo is take with my Nikon D750, tamron 70-200, 200mm, f13,1/10sec - by Jolanda de Leeuw


Spooky Castle-Hadleigh Castle in Essex, UK was built in the 13th century,  Edward III used it as a residence during his reign, but it was demolished for building materials in the 16th century.

 This shot was taken during the middle of the day using an extra long exposure to give it a surreal feeling. 

180s @ f/16 ISO 100 Canon EOS 6D MkII with Canon EF 16-35MM f 2.8 L USM III with Kase 82mm Wolverine magnetic ND1000 and ND8 filters - by Grant Swinbourne

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