Kase KW Revolution Magnetic S-GND 0.9&1.2 Review

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  • Author: Patric Wijns
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  • Time of issue:2024-04-17 15:34
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Kase KW Revolution Magnetic S-GND 0.9&1.2 Review

(Summary description)

  • Categories:Review
  • Author: Patric Wijns
  • Origin:review
  • Time of issue:2024-04-17 15:34
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Author: Patric Wijins

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What About The Author
Patric Wijns, living in Belgium.
First photography was a hobby I did in my spare time, but more and more it became a passion. And landscape photography is something I can fully enjoy and relax in. Years ago I had the good fortune to become Ambassador of the Kase filters for the Benelux.
As a landscape photographer it is important to have good material and one of the material that is important are filters.
As Brand Kase Benelux Ambassador I work exclusively with Kase products.
Regularly I get the chance to use a new Kase product and share my findings in a video and written review.


What To Review

This time Kase Global, developer from China, has sent me the KW Revolution Magnetic Circular S-GND 0.9 (3 stops) and the S-GND 1.2 (4 stops).
They are two new filters in the Revolution range


The filters were sent to me in a sturdy box. After opening the box and taking out the filters, they were securely packed in a cardboard box.

When I open the cardboard box and take out the filter, it is also a tightly packed is a plastic box.

When I open these too, I find the Revolution Magnetic Circular S-GND filter and a magnetic ring for screwing onto your lens in it. I was sent the 77mm filter,
so I could immediately use it on my 77mm diameter lenses.
What makes the KW Revolution Magnetic Circular filters different from the KW Magnetic filters is that
the KW Revolution Magnetic Circular filters have an approved marking on the outside of the filter on the ring. For each filter, this color is different.
For the S-GND filter, this is orange.As always, the filters are of high quality. Wolverine glass, coating as on the other filters, solid ring around the filter.
And, as always scratch free and almost unbreakable.


High time to start using them in the field and let you know my findings.
After waiting long enough for a nice sunrise and/or sunset in my neighborhood, I got tired of waiting and went out when there were some low and medium clouds. I went to one of the many rivers in my region. It is called the Rivierenland for nothing.
I then looked for a location where the sun was shining diagonally to my left and I could still capture the river.
After I set up I first took a picture without any filter, no UV, no CPL, no gradual, no ND, nothing
Below the result.

As you can see on the histogram, the highlights are bitten out and not all can be recovered. So a gradual filter is needed.
Then I took a picture with KW Revolution Magnetic Circular S-GND 0.9

You can clearly see more detail in the sky here and there are no more blown-out areas.
I also used the KW Revolution Magnetic Circular S-GND 1.2 as well, although it was not really necessary in this situation.
But perhaps a slight difference can still be seen.

What Is The Result
The KW Revolution Magnetic Circular S-GND 0.9 and S-GND 1.2 are definitely an added value to the already existing filters in the KW Revolution Magnetic Circular filters.
When using them, I have no vignetting, no colorcast, and no ghosting either.
Because of the colored marking on the filters, for the S-GND this is orange, you can easily take the correct filter right out of your bag.
All other KW Revolution Magnetic Circular filters have a different color on the edge.
However, if we need to move the transition from dark to light we cannot do so by sliding the filter higher or lower,
we are required to tilt our camera so that the transition is in the right place.
Still, for a landscape photographer who already has a KW Revolution Magnetic kit, the gradual filters are definitely an added value.
What Can Lead To The Improvement
If we take pictures with a lens of 77mm diameter (e.g.) then it is best that the CPL are of at least 82mm.
For the gradual filters and the ND filters I suggest that they are of 95mm and can be placed with a magnetic filter holder of 82-95mm (as in the magnetic circular IV kit). This will allow us to move the S-GND filters up and down without having to change our camera composition and there is also no vignetting problem.

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