Different Filter System For Bulb Shape Wide Angle Lens

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Different Filter System For Bulb Shape Wide Angle Lens

(Summary description)

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With the release of Sony's FE 12-24mm F2.8GM ultra wide angle lens, photographers have another new option for shooting landscapes, stars, architechture. 


So, what are the filter system options for this lens? We provide the following options:


1. The K150P front square filter system,which is professional for different landscape scenes;


2. The Kase clip-in filter is light, cost-saving and space-saving.

K150P SONY 12-24mm F2.8 Magnetic Holder


▲K150P SONY 12-24mm F2.8 CPL set

▲K150P SONY 12-24mm F2.8 MCUV set


Magnetic  installation way only takes few seconds 

Kase K150P  holder has magnetic design. It's allows the 150mm magnetic circular filters installed magnetically and the switch of different filters is so quick! 

Kase K150P magnetic circular filter options




Light and portable, greatly reduce the weight


The Overall weight of the K150P magnetic holder is 30% llighter  than that of the previous generation, making it lighter to carry.


Stack with filters to fit different landscape scenes 


The K150P SONY 12-24mm F2.8 magnetic holder system can be used in multiple landscape scenes. With the installation of circular magnetic CPL and the Wolverine K150 series square ND and GND filters, which can easily cope with different scenes.

Useful universal adapter for normal lens 

The K150P magnetic holder can be used on normal lenses 77, 82, 86, 95 and 105mm with the universal magnetic adapter ring.

If you often to travel outdoors and hiking, and looking for something light to shoot. The clip-in filter is a good choice for you


The Kase Clip-in Camera Filter

Kase Sony Clip-in Filter: 

Applicable to all models of Sony  A series full frame mirrorless cameras. It's small and portable, universal to all lens, including  the new Sony 12-24mmF2.8, with high image quality and no vignetting. 

Kase Nikon Clip-in Filter: 

Applicable to Nikon Z6, Z7 cameras. The filters are made from shock resistant optical glass, which avoid breakage during installation and protect the sensor well. 

Kase Canon R5/R6 and Canon R clip-in Filter: 

There are 2 type of clip-in filter for Canon camera. One is for Canon R5 and R6, the other one is for Canon R camera. The filter is surrounded by the frame and it's perfectly fit inside the camera. It not only protects the sensor but also the shutter curtain. 

Kase FujiFilm clip-in filter:  

It fits the FujiFilm X-T4, X-T3,X-T2,X-Pro3, X-Pro2. It easy to install in the camera. 



One filter set for all lenses, cost- saving & space-saving

If you have more than one lens, the Kase clip-in filter is a great solution to save the cost on filter systems. The filter is installaed in the camera body. All your lenses can be used. You don't need add holders, filters or adapters for different type of lens. 


Protects the sensor of the camera

If you have more than one lens, you will often need to change the lens outdoors, as the clip-in filter is installed in front of the sensor, which can effectively prevent dust from entering the sensor. 


Filter options: MCUV, ND8/ND16/ND32/ND64/ND1000, Neutral Night

3 in 1 Set:ND8+ND64+ND1000

3 in 1 Set :MCUV+ND16+Neutral Night

4 in 1 Set :MCUV+Neutral Night+ND64+ND1000

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