[Review] Of Kase Filter Holder KitK8, slim series By Massimiliano Broggi

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(Summary description)

[Review] Of Kase Filter Holder KitK8, slim series By Massimiliano Broggi

(Summary description)

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What's in the box?



                                                                 Let's start from the beginning, saying what we will find once opened our Kase Holder Kit box

                                                                 - X-CPL magnetic polarizer slim series 86 mm;

                                                                 - 100 mm holder improved in weight (-50%), thickness (-50%) and overall size (-25%);

                                                                 - adapter ring for 67-72-77-82 mm;

                                                                 - slot (3) both for new 1.1 mm slim filters and for standard 2 mm thickness filters;

                                                                 - 4 additional long screws to fit all 3 slots;

                                                                 - special mini screwdriver;

                                                                 - sponge for replacement holder base.




The slim K100 holder is made of aerodynamic aluminum and milled by high precision CNC machinery, with anodized matte finish to avoid reflections. This guarantees an excellent build quality and, above all, an undeniable robustness. At the first approach you immediately have a great feeling; the thing that leaves you more satisfied is its extreme lightness that, even in an element of little encumbrance like this, however, has its importance.

There are two red screws clearly visible on both sides, of different functionality, as well as shape. The most prominent (on the right in the image above) is the screw used to tighten the retainer to fit the holder, mounting it on the adapter ring in front of our lens. Stringing it completely will also have the function of completely blocking the rotation of the holder, so as to avoid accidental movements while inserting other filters or moving the camera. I find this last aspect really useful; I often had to change filters to try some other exposures (perhaps by inserting an ND), thus finding me to accidentally move the position of the holder that I had set up with care previously. Thanks to this, however, it will no longer happen.

The second screw (on the left in the picture above), on the other hand, is used to rotate the polarizer once it has been mounted, finding the position most in keeping with the scene and the desired reflections in the image.

Another positive note is the shape of the holder, very flattened and about 0.5 cm lower than a normal ND 100x100 filter; this will allow us, for example, to remove this filter in a very simple way, even if it is mounted behind other filters.

Finally, the cover in soft and fine matte sponge also gives quality to this product; adhering perfectly with the first filter inserted, avoids any intrusion of light and reflection in the front lens.

The new slim series is equipped with slots (included in the 3 + 3 package) that allow this holder to be used both with old 2 mm thick filters and with the new 1.1 mm thick slim series filters.

We know how important it is for the final result, in terms of quality, to have as little material as possible in front of the front lens; the fact of being able to take advantage of filters with a thickness almost halved certainly helps this process, as well as avoiding annoying intrusions of the structure in photographs with wide angle lenses.



When mounted



First we have to screw the adapter ring of the measure appropriate to our lens (in my case 77 mm being my a Canon 16/35 F4 IS USM); having done this we can decide to insert the polarizer, simply by approaching it to the previously assembled ring; being both equipped with a strong magnet they will attract each other perfectly, without having to screw anything; in this way we can also decide to use only the polarizer without mounting the rest of the structure.

If to make our photography we will have to resort to 100 mm filters, we will also mount the K100 holder; keeping the marks imprinted on the holder at the top, we will first attach the left side to the adapter ring (previously screwed onto the lens) and then the right side, tightening the larger red screw. In this way, our holder will be locked in place and will not fall (if we tighten it further, the rotation will stop completely as mentioned in "description").

In the slots will find room for up to 3 filters in addiction to the polarizer, standard or slim depending on the slots that we decided to mount.

The ND series slim filters, being also equipped with an opaque sponge to avoid light, can be inserted not in the first slot closer to the lens (as is usual), but also in the following without problems.

The accessibility to all the movement screws is excellent, without any effort you can rotate the polarizer or lock the structure once the position is found.

On wide angle lenses (egmy 16/35 F4 IS USM, mounted on FF) the vignetting can be seen slightly between 30 and 70 degrees inclination of the holder, only with all three STANDARD slots fitted. Keeping the holder straight or only slightly inclined on one side there is no discomfort in the frame.

If, however, we are going to mount the new slots for the series of 1.1 mm Kase slim filters there will be no more vignetting in any case, being more compact.



Polarizer test





Vignetting test



                                     no vignetting (holder straight or slightly inclined)                               

                                                                                                                                Vignette high-angle left and bottom right (holder inclined between 30° and 70°)

                                                                                                                               With slim slots fitted no vignetting



Difference between slots slim and standard

Watch the video of how you can use it!Conclusions



In conclusion, I would say that there are no obvious faults or weaknesses in this product. Still to be tested in the field the quality and uniformity in polarization of the X-CPL slim magnetic.

Why would I recommend it?

Very high construction quality, using first choice materials and workmanship; weight and size reduced to a minimum in this new slim series, which does not even vignette on the wider lenses; magnetic polarizer for a simpler interlocking; holder locking system very useful in many situations; screws easily accessible for polarizer rotation and blocking; the finish with opaque sponge to prevent light infiltration; holder height slightly lower than a normal ND 100x100 mm filter which allows easier extraction, even without removing other filters placed on the front of the latter.


Would you like to test this product or others of the Kase family directly in the field? Visit the page of my workshops / trips or fill out the form at the bottom of the page! I will answer you as soon as possible.


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