[NEW PRODUCT] Kase K100-K9 Filter Holder System

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(Summary description)

[NEW PRODUCT] Kase K100-K9 Filter Holder System

(Summary description)

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As we all know, with the launched of Kase K100-Slim(K8) holder, the square filter must be subverted to the tradition of 2.0mm. The K100-slim holder can be used with the 1.1mm ultra-slim square filter launched by the Kase! The Slim filter is also lighter and thinner! In the more than a year since the launch of the Slim filters, we have continuously improved and absorbed feedback from the market, and we have made even more innovations and changes based on the Slim holder; the new K9 holder: it is lighter in weight, smaller in size, more easy and more delicate in the use experience, we do better in the control of vignetting, every detail is upgraded. We constant testing and strictly in quality control, and finally condensed it into the K9, a near-perfect filter holder! The following product introduction and test report will explain what details we have upgraded!


Key Features

Magnetic mounted geared polariser

Innovative lightweight design

Robust alloy construction

Simple to use in the Field

The Kase holder is precision CNC milled from the highest quality aviation grade aluminium with a matt anodised finish to reduce reflections. Both strong and lightweight, the holder uses a screw locking mechanism to prevent accidental removal.


Product introduction

Brand: Kase

Product name: Kase K100-K9 Holder Kit

In the box and material:

01. K100-K9 Holder (Material: aluminum alloy, surface coating:black anodizing)

02. MAGNETIC CPL 90mm (Material: aluminum alloy+Iron+CPL optical glass, surface coating:black anodizing +black spray-paint)

03. K100-K9 77/82mm Adapter rings (Material: aluminum alloy+Iron, surface coating:black anodizing +black spray-paint)

04. K100-K9 67-82/72-82mm Step up rings (Material: aluminum alloy, surface coating:black anodizing)

05. Filter slots (Material: ABS material, surface coating: black and fine grinding sand ripples)

Remark: Work with thickness in 1.1mm Kase K100 slim filters by changing the filter slots.


K9 VS K100-Slim(K8)


Battle 1: The canparison in Magnetic CPL

The K9 filter holder Kit adopted a 90mm magnetic CPL, which is no vignetting at all when you mount it to the camera lens. The K100-slim filter holder adopted a 86mm magnetic CPL, it will have a little bit vignetting when it was used in the ultra-wide-angle camera lens.


Battle 2: The comparison in weight

The K9 is lighter than the K100- Slim(K8), although the K100-Slim(K8) filter holder adopts the lightest aluminum alloy material.

Battle 3: The comparison in dismount the magnetic CPL

The main part of the K9 added 2 grooves, so the magnetic CPL can be easily take apart from the holder thank K100-slim(K8).

Battle 4: The comparison in the time of locking the holder

It is faster in locking the holder to the camera lens, just takes 2 turn in locking the screw. Meanwhile, the K100-Slim(K8) holder usually takes 4-5 turns in locking the screw, so the K9 is time-saving.

Battle 5: The comparison on the red wheel when turning the CPL

The red wheel for turning the magnetic CPL, the K9 holder adopted a bigger wheel, so the photographers can easily to turn the the CPL.

Battle 6: The comparison in the filter slots


Overall upgraded slots, better to avoid the vignetting, and easy yo insert the square filters in.


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